P1070371If you would like to join Wessex Ulfolc, we have designed the process to be as simple as possible.​

New members are not required to have equipment straight away, this is so that people who have no kit can join without worry.

Over time, members can develop their personal kit, and also ask advice from other members.  We offer kit to use at practice as a foot in the door.


P1070357To become a member, you must be sponsored by an existing member, this should not deter people looking to join, as you will attend training sessions before becoming a full member.  It simply means that an existing member must vouch for you, and mentor you.


Membership for the club is collected annually and costs £40.  This covers individual insurance with CCC3,  It also covers club expenses for purchasing group equipment such as camp kit, shields and spears, flags etc.  All funds are put directly back into the club.

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