Training is important, it allows us to work as a unit, and also improve our individual skills.

See the calendar below for our next training session, we try to have them twice a month, with the hopes to increase their frequency when membership grows.

We train at Hreod Burna Urban Forest, Swindon, SN2 1AT

Hreod Burna Urban Forest takes its name from the stream ‘Hreod Burna’ which means ‘reedy brook’ in Anglo-Saxon. It runs beneath Cricklade Road and continues right through to Akers Way where it joins the River Ray. Excavations at the site of Nova Hreod school have suggested localised iron age activity in the form of post holes.


The nearest postcode to where we meet for Satnav purposes is SN2 1HS ‘David Stoddart gardens’.


When the weather gets colder and wetter we plan to move indoors to Pinetrees community centre. Keep an eye on the calendar and our Facebook group for all updates on this.

Cost of training is £5 per person, although, if it is your first session with us, it is FREE, so you have no excuses not to give it a go!



We recommend that you bring a full water bottle and some padded gloves, if you have any, as fingers do occasionally get hit (motorbike, lacrosse, welding, rigger – will all be fine to begin with). Any other personal protection you may have, knee pads, arm guards etc are all beneficial, but not essential.

Our aim is to make the group as accessible as possible, so to start with you do not need to have any kit at all. We have equipment that can be borrowed and you can build up your own kit as you develop your skills and position within the group.

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